The Meriwether County Rotary Club purchase Leap Frog Learning books for the Get Meriwether Reading “Reading Cubs” Program in 2019, it was successful that we need to keep going. With the COVID 19 restrictions with education the Leap Frog Learning books are an added bonus for the students,

Angie Shirah, the Early Literacy Coordinator has reached over 100 at risk children in Meriwether county to help further their reading capabilities..

Leap Frog

Get kids excited about learning to read and more with LeapFrog®! Each interactive learning system includes a stylus that reads invisible dots on compatible books and activity sets, triggering questions, challenges, songs, jokes and more. Bring learning to life with LeapStart® interactive learning systems!

The LeapFrog LeapStart interactive learning system is designed to help build tomorrow's key skills today, in imaginative new ways by challenging kids to get ready for their next step in learning. Each activity book seamlessly blends school and life skills.

With 400+ activities across all 16 books, the LeapFrog LeapStart is designed to be played again and again for endless discovery, storytelling, and more. Includes a Kid-tough device with stylus that teaches proper handwriting grip and a Kindergarten & 1st Grade sampler book.

The magic behind LeapStart is a stylus that reads invisble dots on every page triggering engaging audio like questions, challenges, songs, jokes and more to teach school and life skills in new, exciting ways.



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Meriwether Family Connection and the Meriwether County Chamber of Commerce